• 1. Does my license year begin when I purchased or when I activated PDF Suite? The term begins upon the date of purchase.
  • 2. How many computers can I install and activate PDF Suite on, while using the same license key? Each PDF Suite license can successfully activate PDF Suite on 1 computer.
  • 3. What can I do with PDF Suite that I can't with Adobe Reader? PDF reader softwares only allow you to read and print PDF files. PDF Suite gives you the liberty to create, edit and secure PDF documents.
  • 4. When I click to download the software it asks me if I want to Run it or Save it, which should I select? When downloading you should choose save. After saving the installer to your computer, run the application.
  • 5. What is the difference between PDF Suite Standard and PDF Suite Pro? Please refer to the chart found on the page linked below, comparing the benefits of PDF Suite Standard to PDF Suite Pro: pdf-suite.com.

Software-Specific FAQ

  • 6. How can I select/change my default program to open PDF files? A. Right click on any PDF file. Go To. B. Open With C. Choose Program D. Select the PDF program you want to use as default E. Check the box for "Always use the selected program for this kind of file." F. Click on Ok Note that upon installation of PDF Suite, it becomes your default reader.
  • 7. I read the guide and it says that to convert to PDF I can go to "Print", if I do it this way will it actually print it on paper? When you convert using the print option, you must make sure that you choose the PDF SUITE 2021 printer before clicking on ok. If you choose your local printer it will print the document on paper.
  • 8. When I convert from PDF to Word will it keep/respect the fonts and format? Yes. When a document is converted from PDF to a word document the font and layout will remain the same.
  • 9. Will people who do not have PDF Suite be able to open the PDF documents I create with PDF Suite? PDF Documents edited or created on PDF Suite can be opened with any PDF application.
  • 10. When my license is over or if I uninstall PDF Suite, will the documents that I created with the program be gone? No, after expiration or un-installation no documents will be changed or removed.
  • 11. Can I purchase PDF Suite in stores, or can I have an installation CD sent to my physical address? At the moment PDF Suite is only available through online download.